Stirling Woman Nets Huge Bingo Win on National Game

lewis rutledge
Written by Lewis Rutledge
Published on Thursday 9th February 2017, 10:22 am
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Bingo Jackpots

A woman from Braehead in Stirling has been congratulated after snapping up an astonishing £270,212 at her local bingo club. It is thought to be the biggest ever win on the National Game, which allows players from across the UK to take part all at once.

The National Game’s jackpot is a fantastic £250,000, but lucky Julie Meiklejohn also landed a series of add-ons after winning the house prize plus £100 for claiming on a star number, as well as the National prize of £20,000. She received a standing ovation from everyone at the Carlton Bingo hall in Stirling, and the win has been hailed as ‘great for the club, for Carlton and for bingo itself’.

Christopher Kerr, Carlton assistant manager, said in the Daily Record: “Everyone was so pleased for her. I think it will probably take a bit of time to sink in for her. It was another assistant manager who was on duty at the time. We get notification on the National computer if one of our members are provisionally in line for the jackpot win and my colleague was really nervous.

“She had an agonising 15 minute wait until the full results came through and she was shaking when it was announced. It’s quite a responsibility to tell someone about such a big win.”

A party will be held at the newly-refurbished Carlton Bingo club on Monday to celebrate Julie’s big win and present her with her cheque, and visitors will be hoping to emulate her success on the the National Game, which is played twice a day in venues across the country.

You don’t need to set foot inside a club to enjoy bingo and win big prizes, of course.. Read all about how to play bingo, both online and in clubs, before trying to land a great win of your own!

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