Reasons to Play Bingo in 2017

matt makowski
Written by Matt Makowski
Published on Friday 13th January 2017, 11:42 am

Reasons to Play Bingo in 2017

With the Christmas and New Year festivities now just a distant memory, many people will no doubt be searching for fresh and exciting hobbies to take up in an effort to expand their horizons and banish the winter blues. While more extreme activities such as parkour and bungee jumping might not be to everyone’s taste, bingo is certainly a pastime that can offer thrills for participants young and old. So why is the game so popular?

Bingo Is Good for the Brain

Research has shown that bingo can help maintain mental alertness and improve memory. In fact, tests have proved that bingo players are faster and more accurate than their non-bingo playing counterparts. With the balls coming thick and fast, players must be on top dabbing form in order to match their numbers; this requires a sharp mind and a keen eye for digits, both of which can be aided by playing the game on a regular basis. While this may be an excellent way of keeping older minds more agile, younger brains can also benefit from a trip to the local bingo hall or an occasional game online.

The Perfect Way to Socialise

Bingo is also an excellent way of remaining socially active, even in the bleak mid-winter months. Meeting up with friends at a local branch of Mecca or Gala can be an ideal way of catching up with friends, while a game or two online can lead to some fascinating, in-depth discussions thanks to the chat facilities provided by a wide number of sites. Playing regularly can also help you meet new friends from the local area, or further afield when playing online. Wherever the game takes place, bingo is a superb tool for social interaction.

The Stars Love Bingo

For those thinking this is just a game for the grey-haired amongst us, think again. Bingo transcends the generations and is even enjoyed by a number of famous faces. Popstar Robbie Williams, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and future head of the British monarchy, Prince William, have all been known to enjoy a fat lady or two. Even Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten has joined in the fun! The game has also attracted attention overseas, with film stars Russell Crowe and Daryl Hannah reportedly keen on the game.

For those in need of further persuasion, a number of online bingo sites have some fantastic offers available to new players. For example, Foxy Bingo’s 500 percent first deposit bonus is worth considering. For a full and unbiased review of that site and many more, head to Gamble’s Online Bingo Reviews. Have fun!

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