Persistence Pays for National Bingo Game Winner

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Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Thursday 23rd March 2017, 10:08 am
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Bingo Jackpots

A woman who has been playing bingo for 34 years is celebrating after winning the princely sum of £25,000 in a game that cost just £1 to play. Diana Marlow, who is 52, was playing the National Live game with her sister Jane at the Gala Bingo club in Banbury when her numbers came up. Jane was quick to point out that Diana had won £25,000, and the lucky winner spent the rest of the bingo session in a state of shock.

As you would expect for someone who has been playing the game for more than three decades, this isn’t the first win that Diana has had, but it is certainly the largest. Previously, her biggest win had been worth £1,200, which was a very nice sum to win but not one that was sufficient to make a lasting impact on her life. The £25,000 win, by comparison, is much more meaningful, and Diana will be using some of it to buy herself a new car before saving the rest for a rainy day.

The National Live game which Diana won is one where players at bingo clubs across the country compete against each other. With many more players in a national game than a purely local one, it is possible for prizes to be much higher than usual even though the cost of entry remains low. Of course, more players in the game also means that it is more of a challenge to win, but that just makes eventual success taste even sweeter when it happens.

Diana’s big win is evidence that – in bingo, as in life – persistence pays. Diana was never discouraged by the fact that she had been playing for over thirty years without a five-figure win, but instead she focused on playing and enjoying the game for its own sake. She viewed her bingo as a hobby which gave her a pleasurable night out as well as the chance to win big, and that cheerful, optimistic spirit has paid off handsomely.

Readers who are inspired to try and follow in Diana’s footsteps can participate in National Bingo games at a number of clubs across the country, with both Gala Bingo and Mecca BIngo clubs participating on a regular basis. Visit the website of either of those famous chains to find out more, and good luck to those of you who choose to get involved!

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