Mecca Rewards Bingo Buddies with Shopping Trip

matt makowski
Written by Matt Makowski
Published on Tuesday 16th August 2016, 9:38 am

Mecca Rewards Bingo Buddies with Shopping Trip

Bingo can be a great way to socialise and enjoy time with those closest to you and to help celebrate this, Mecca Bingo has been helping their players spend more precious moments with their favourite friends by treating them to a special day in one another’s company.

That’s exactly what bingo buddies Joanne Mulligan and Michelle Welsh were lucky enough to receive. The two pals won a shopping spree in Leeds after collecting the title of Mecca’s Best Friends. The generous bingo company selected five pairs of deserving compatriots from across the country to win the chance to spend some quality time together to celebrate National Best Friend Day.

Joanne nominated her close friend Michelle following the pair’s 32-year bond, a relationship that has seen both women stand by one another after the death of their fathers. The two friends, both of whom like to visit the Mecca Bingo on Clough Road in Hull, have gone on family holidays and city breaks together and are even godparents to each other’s children. Their husbands are good friends as well.

Both women were delighted when they discovered they had won the prestigious prize. Joanne told the Hull Daily Mail that she was “thrilled” to have claimed the accolade and even spoke of her friends emotional response to the competition entry: “Michelle cried when I told her what I had said in my entry to the competition.” Joanne went on to say that the two friends are a constant in each other’s lives: ''No matter how busy we are, and how little time we have to spend together, we are always there for each other.''

Joanne and Michelle aren’t the only pals to have prospered because of Mecca Bingo. Childhood friends Annie Coffey and Marge Freeman were successfully reunited after 50 years apart thanks to a chance meeting at the bingo hall in Southport. The two women had become firm friends at secondary school, but lost touch when Annie moved away. Luckily, Mecca Bingo came to the rescue to bring the friends back together after such a long time apart. Speaking to Champion, Annie said: “Once we found each other again it was like we’d never been apart. We go to play bingo together every night now.”

If you and a friend would like to play bingo, head to Gamble’s Bingo Reviews page where you will find a selection of independently reviewed sites and halls. Have fun!

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