Mecca Bingo Refreshes Bingo Calls For 2017

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Written by Lewis Rutledge
Published on Thursday 5th January 2017, 10:03 am
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Famous bingo calls such as ‘Two Fat Ladies’ and ‘Dancing Queen’ have been replaced by modern alternatives for 2017 as Mecca Bingo bids to appeal to a younger crowd. Among the new nicknames for numbers are ‘Little Mix’ for number six and ‘Tinder Date’ for number eight, and the new system has already been trialled in clubs across the country.

Mecca Bingo gave members the chance to vote on which calls they wanted to replace the traditional shouts and have now introduced a fresh batch of terms. They include ‘Selfie Queen’ for 17 and ‘Moobs’ for 88, as well as ‘Adele’ for 25 and ‘Hipster Heaven’ for 27.

Caroline Webb, a spokesperson for Mecca Bingo, said in the Daily Mirror: “With bingo attracting record numbers of younger players, we wanted to tap into the resurgence of interest in the game, and what better way than by refreshing one of the most iconic things about bingo – its calls for the numbers!

“Bingo calls are rarely used in Britain’s bingo halls these days, so the trial of 21st century-inspired calls is sure to ignite excitement amongst regular players. Likewise, the references to modern culture phenomena and trends, such as hipsters and Tinder, and massive stars, like Adele and Little Mix is likely to appeal to the increasingly younger crowd which can be found playing bingo.”

You can check out a list of traditional bingo calls or head down to your local Mecca Bingo club to hear all the new nicknames, which include the following shouts:

Number 1: YOLO (You Only Live Once) - Previously Kelly’s Eye

Number 6: Little Mix - Previously Tom Mix

Number 7 - Popular with Strictly’s Len Goodman - Previously Lucky Seven

Number 8: Tinder Date - Previously Garden Gate

Number 17: Selfie Queen - Previously Dancing Queen

Number 22 - I Don’t Know About You - Previously Two Little Ducks

Number 25: Adele - Previously Duck and Dive

Number 27: Hipster Heaven - Previously Duck and a Crutch

Number 66: Historic US Route - Previously Clickety Click

Number 69: Netflix & Chill - Previously Anyway Up

Number 88: Moobs - Previously Two Fat Ladies

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