Ghostly Goings-On at Bishop Auckland Bingo Hall

toby lester
Written by Toby Lester
Published on Wednesday 28th December 2016, 3:51 pm
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If you regularly play at a bingo hall that has a bit of history to it, you might want to check over your shoulder the next time you feel a draught on the back of your neck...

Christmas isn’t usually considered to be the season for hunting ghosts, but a team of paranormal investigators spent the evening at the Hippodrome Bingo Club in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, recently after hearing tales of ghostly goings-on from resident bingo lovers.

After setting up a series of cameras, Elaine Kelly and her team — who are dubbed the Spectre Detectors — recorded footage of the bingo club’s various rooms in an attempt to capture any unusual activity or movement that could not otherwise be accounted for. Accompanied by a few members of the bingo hall’s staff, the team made their way around the building attempting to communicate with any spiritual presences they picked up on, occasionally taking photographs in the hope of catching a spook in one of the shots.

The Hippodrome, the Northern Echo reports, was built in December 1909. Since then, it has been used as both a theatre and a cinema before becoming a place for local people to enjoy bingo. The building was Grade II listed by English Heritage in 2012, so there is plenty of history to be found here — But are there any ghosts?

“The whole evening was recorded and we captured a lot,” said ghost-hunter Kelly, who said that staff at the bingo hall had talked of a mysterious “grey lady” just prior to her visit.

“There were a lot of names mentioned,” Kelly added of her paranormal investigation. “Although we still don’t know exactly who the grey lady was, we think she might have been called Eleanor and was an actress and singer.”

The team also captured what they identify as the shape of a young boy in one of their many photos, as well as stating that they detected ghostly presences in certain seats and looking down on the hall from its balconies.

“We don’t know much about the little boy in the photo either, but it is very clear,” Kelly added.

Could Bishop Auckland’s bingo hall spirits be hanging around for a particular reason? Are they simply attached to a much-loved building or is the ever-increasing number of people coming through the doors causing them to be more active? Only time — and perhaps further paranormal investigations — will tell.

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