Gala Bingo Identifies the Happiest Place in the UK

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Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Thursday 13th April 2017, 12:19 pm
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A poll of more than 2,000 Brits by Gala Bingo has identified that the happiest place in the UK is Newcastle. The poll, which measured how happy people are by asking them to rate their happiness out of 10, also asked participants what activities and life events made them happiest. The top responses to those questions were spending time with the family and having a baby, and the poll results also revealed that people aged 65 or over are the happiest of all, which is good to know.

Some 72% of participants in Newcastle rated their happiness as being 7/10 or better. Sheffield came second, with 69%, and Leeds was third, with 66%. Manchester (65%) and Bristol (61%) completed the top five happiest locations in Britain.

65% of all respondents reported their average happiness rating as being 7/10 or better, but it wasn’t all sunshine and roses, because participants in a handful of locations consistently reported lower ratings. The unhappiest place in the UK, according to the Gala Bingo poll, is Birmingham, with just 40% of people rating their happiness as 7/10 or better. Glasgow was next, with 41%, and Norwich was third unhappiest, at 43%. London and Southampton were fourth and fifth in the list, with 45% and 46%, respectively.

Whilst spending time with the family was the most popular response to the question of what made people happiest (with 46% of participants giving that answer), other joy-producing responses included going on holiday (34%), eating favourite foods (25%) and socialising (24%).

Having a baby was the most happiness-inducing life event according to 40% of participants, followed by getting married (38%), buying a first home (27%), passing a driving test (22%) and getting a new job (21%). The happiest day of the year was found to be December 25, and the next best was January 1, so Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are the annual highlights for most of us.

Only one in ten of the people polled rated their happiness as being 10/10, but the average rating was 8/10, so it would appear that the UK is in pretty good shape, overall. For those interested in deliberately increasing their happiness levels, the Gala Bingo website has a Happy Hub which is packed with tips on how to do just that. Visit Gala Bingo today to find out more, and keep smiling!

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