Expansion Approval for Canvey Island Bingo Club

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Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Thursday 30th March 2017, 11:58 am
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Bingo Halls

The Rio Bingo club in Canvey Island, Essex, has received approval from Castle Point Council to expand its floor space and add more features to its premises, including a new bar and a new arcade area. Right now, the club has a vacant dance studio to the rear of the building, and the planning documents submitted to the council proposed turning this into an arcade room that will house 37 machines. 

That brief summary of the now-approved makeover is just the tip of the iceberg, because the interior of the building will also be refurbished to suit the new structural layout. The existing entrance to the premises is situated at the front of the building on Furtherwick Road, but that will become an emergency exit and the main entrance will soon be at the rear instead. This will make it safer for customers, who will be able to walk straight into the venue from the car park, which is also located at the rear.

When the expansion and refurbishment work has been completed – a task that will obviously take some time – visitors to the new-look Rio Bingo club will be able to enter directly into a lobby and reception area. There will be a new arcade area with a bar and its own toilet facilities, and the main bingo hall will boast refurbished toilet facilities and feature new desks for the callers.

Although some people had expressed concerns that expanding the premises into the vacant dance studio at the rear of the building might increase noise breakout, the council decided that an arcade room wouldn’t be any noisier, and that a dance studio is arguably an even greater source of noise, given its fairly constant use of amplified music. 

The Rio Bingo club is part of the Majestic Bingo chain which currently consists of 16 venues across the country. Whilst not as famous as the ‘big two’ bingo chains in the UK (which are Gala and Mecca), Majestic Bingo is the third largest, and the refurbishment of the Rio will bring its interior decor into line with the current Majestic branding style.

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