Bingo FAQs

Here are the answers to any questions that you might have about signing up for online bingo sites or registering with your local bingo club. Click on a question to reveal the answer.

Online Bingo FAQs

Online Bingo Sites

  • How do online bingo games work?

    Very simply, you click on your bingo room of choice and buy tickets that feature a grid full of numbers. As the numbers are called in the game you mark them off, or allow the auto-daub feature to do it for you, and you receive prizes for various achievements.

    In 90-Ball Bingo (where 90 numbers are called randomly) you can win by being the first player in the room to fill one line, two lines or for being the player who fills the whole card - the Full House. In 75-Ball Bingo (where 75 numbers are called randomly) you win by being the first to mark off numbers in a specified pattern. You don’t have to wait for all the numbers to be called to win a prize, however!

  • How are bingo prizes calculated?

    Online bingo sites set their prices based on a percentage of the tickets sold for that particular game. The more people who play, and the more expensive the tickets, the bigger the prize is likely to be. Of course, with more fellow players, you will have a larger prize to aim for, but you will also have more competition to overcome in order to win it.

  • What is a bingo jackpot?

    Online bingo games (and club-based ones) may offer a jackpot or total prize pool to players, the value of which depends on how much money is generated from bingo card sales. A progressive jackpot will grow from game to game if no one wins it, meaning that you could scoop a huge amount of cash eventually if you’re lucky! Other jackpots are guaranteed, meaning that the prizes have a fixed value. For example, if you’re playing a game with an advertised £200,000 jackpot, the prize breakdown might look like this:

    • Full House: £100,000
    • 1L: £60,000
    • 2L: £40,000

    If more than one player wins one of these prizes, that portion of the jackpot is shared between them.

  • How much does online bingo cost to play?

    The price of online bingo tickets fluctuates between rooms and between different companies. For some games, you might pay 1p for a card,whereas elsewhere it might cost £1. Generally, the greater the ticket price, the larger the prizes are likely to be.

    You can also find free online bingo games.

  • How can I play free online bingo?

    Many sites offer games in which the tickets cost nothing, with prizes usually paid in bonuses, although sometimes in cash too. Often the player will have had to have deposited money with the site first in order to qualify to play the games, but there are sites which just require you to have registered your banking details.

    Most sites offer welcome bonuses with your first deposit and, although you can win cash with these funds, you often have to play through the bonus amount a specified number of times before you can bank your real money.

  • Can I play online bingo with my friends?

    The great thing about online bingo is that you can arrange with your friends to all be in the same room of the same site at the same time and you can communicate using the chat function whilst you try and win the cash on offer.

    You will also be able to make new friends and get involved in conversations with a host of different people from around the world.

    Mecca Bingo even runs ‘Friendsy’, where groups of acquaintances join together as a team, with the chance to win extra prizes.

  • How long do online games last?

    Online bingo games tend to last between two and four minutes, with a couple of minutes afterwards to buy tickets before the next game begins. Most sites have multiple rooms, each with a constant flow of games in peak hours, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to win.

  • What do phrases like ‘WTG’, ‘WDW’ and ‘JJ’ mean?

    Online bingo sites usually feature chat rooms in which players can have a natter while waiting for their numbers to come up. Over time, players have shortened phrases to make it easier to type, leading to a load of abbreviations that can be confusing for newbies! Here’s a translation of those three phrases up top:

    • WTG - Way to Go (said to a winner)
    • WDW - Well Done Winner
    • JJ - Just Joking
  • How do bingo websites make money?

    Online bingo sites take a small portion of the price of every ticket in profit, as well as from the various slots and casino games on their pages.

  • Are online bingo games fair?

    All of the bingo websites featured on are regulated by the Gambling Commission and face rigorous audits to prove their fairness. The balls called in games are produced by random number generators, which are constantly checked to ensure the numbers they select are truly random.

  • What is a bingo welcome bonus?

    A welcome bonus will usually be issued to you with your first deposit at a bingo site, with some companies matching that deposit 100, 200 or even 300 percent. Although you can play bingo with the bonus money and win real cash, you will generally have to wager through the bonus amount a number of times before you can withdraw your winnings. Check the online bingo reviews to find out more about the individual companies’ bonuses and wagering requirements.

Local Bingo Club FAQs

Local Bingo Clubs

  • How do I join a bingo club?

    You can usually sign up in person and play that day, but it is worth checking before you arrive to make sure this is the case. Remember to take photo ID to prove that you are over 18.

  • How do I play bingo in a club?

    Simply buy your tickets from the counter and find a table at which to sit to fill them in. Listen out to what the caller has to say, as they will let you know the page of the book you should have open and whether the next prize is for matching one line of the relevant grid, two lines or the full house.

    Mark the numbers off as they are called and be sure to let the caller know if you are a winner. You don’t have to shout “house” or “bingo”, you can say what you want (within reason) as long as it is loud and clear enough for the caller to hear. Make sure you put your hand up in the air too.

    Some clubs now offer electronic bingo where you have a digital terminal, much like a tablet device, instead of paper tickets and you mark the numbers with a stylus.

  • What is linked bingo?

    Linked bingo refers to games which take place at a number of different clubs across the country, pooling the ticket money to create bigger prizes. However, it also means that your chances of winning are lower because you are playing against more people.

  • How old do I have to be to play bingo?

    You must be 18 years old to play bingo in the UK. Although under 18s are allowed in some bingo clubs (unless the house rules state otherwise), they cannot participate in any games.

  • What other entertainment is there at a bingo club?

    Many local bingo clubs have a wide array of slot machines and arcade games for you to play on between bingo games. You will also find that a lot of clubs offering live stage entertainment, such as singers and dancers, as well as other fun activities.

  • Do bingo clubs serve food and drink?

    Many clubs offer a full menu of snacks and meals which will help you keep your energy up during the excitement of an intense bingo session.

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