Mika Brown

Mika Brown

Favourite Game: Poker
Favourite Casino: Casino at the Empire, London

Since my early years gaming has been a constant part of my life, although obviously in the earliest stages it wasn't for real money or in casinos. A few years of blackjack and poker against my dad and brother around the dinner table honed my skills and it has progressed into some very intense family battles.

I now enjoy playing poker both at the table and on the computer, but I firmly believe you can't substitute the feeling of the baize under your cards in a real life casino setting.

Poker is my favourite game as I love both the deceptive and statistical sides of the game. There is no better feeling than winning the pot even when you have a terrible hand. And the numbers side is key to be able to calculate the chances of hitting the cards to eliminate your opponents.

After poker, I also enjoy playing a bit of blackjack especially on my mobile when I want to relax.

When it comes to sports betting I stick strictly to American Football; it is just more exciting! Placing a bet then sitting down to watch the matches on a Sunday evening really is a great way to end the week, as long as I win!

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