Matt Makowski

Matt Makowski

Once an enthusiastic sportsman, at university I turned my hand to sports writing, so I have experience in a variety of sporting fields, but my first love is football. I’m not one to be found in the bookies every weekend - in fact, I’ve never even stepped foot in one - but I am partial to the occasional online accumulator. Betting small and stacking teams high is how I aim to beat the banker. I find that even the dullest of events can be livened up when there’s money riding on it.

I find that research is very important before placing a bet, although I’m not one to rule out gut instinct altogether. I maintain that there’s always money to be made during international weekends, especially with large wagers against the likes of San Marino and Andorra. A regular player of SkyBet’s Super 6, I like to make the most out of free bets and always look for value for money when betting.

My other sporting interests are golf, tennis, rugby union and athletics. Although I have a background writing about the vast majority of sports, I loathe cricket and would much rather do a minute-by-minute on a mediocre match of tiddlywinks.

Away from sport, I favour online slots and often review games. Online slots are excellent for gaming, because they allow you to go at your own pace and set your own stakes, and you can often try out a game before you commit to playing. Also, there’s some good money to be made if you strike lucky!

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