Lewis Rutledge

Lewis Rutledge

As a big fan of just about every sport going and with a background in sports writing, I do enjoy the occasionally flutter. I am certainly not a huge gambler and, as something of a tight Yorkshireman, prefer the ‘micro-betting’ technique of just wagering with small stakes most of the time.

My favourite sports to bet on are tennis, cricket and football, although I like to keep my eyes out for good odds and promotions on all the big events. I find it really enhances the excitement of any match or tournament just to have a wager or two on it, especially if I get to brag afterwards about my powers of prediction.

I like to bet online as it is so quick and simple, but you can also go at your own pace when you are finding out about new things. I have learned a lot about how various casino games work, from established favourites like blackjack and roulette to more niche offerings like Sic Bo and Teen Patti. The most fascinating part for me is working out where the odds are best and which strategies can be used to try and win.

The great thing about online casinos is how you can play many games for free before putting in real money, so it is a great option when you start out and I have stumbled across some slots which are great fun, as well as others which have to be seen to be believed!

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