Jim Coulson

Jim Coulson

Of all the forms of gambling available, sports betting is definitely my preferred area. There are so many markets for so many different sports that there is every chance you can get one over on the bookies if you delve deep enough. I once bought a car from the proceeds of a £20 bet to predict League Two’s top goalscorer for the 2013/14 season.

I don’t bet for the sake of it, but when I see good value I like to pounce on it, whether it’s rugby league, novelty bets or pesäpallo. Okay, I’ve never bet on pesäpallo, but a surprisingly large number of sportsbooks offer markets on what is essentially Finnish baseball, so I am a little tempted.

I love spending a day at the races and very little compares to the surge of excitement that spreads through the crowd as the thunder of hooves on turf grows louder. If you turn up expecting to win nothing, you can still have a decent day’s entertainment without being too badly out of pocket. However, backing a horse that romps home and being able to pick up your cash instantly is a fantastic feeling.

At the casino, I enjoy dabbling in blackjack or roulette, but I always avoid poker. I understand the game and love the theory behind it, but I’m far too cautious to really go for it and am in possession of the world’s least-convincing poker face. I’m much better online when hiding behind an avatar!

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