Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Favourite Game: Blackjack
Favourite Casino: Hippodrome

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I certainly wouldn't call myself a big gambler, only visiting real casinos about three or four times a year as a player, and maybe another couple of times for a reasonably priced pint. The same goes for desktop casinos really. However, I do like to play casino games on my phone when there's a bit of downtime and I just want to isolate myself.

My favourite game is blackjack because I prefer games with a skill element. Though I will admit to playing roulette when the brain isn't functioning at its optimal after a beer or a long day. Craps I've never really come to terms with, especially the awkwardness of betting against the player. And baccarat requires a certain mood.

Although I've never played it at casino tables, I quite like a game of poker at home.  Just wish I could be more aggressive as all the good players seem to be. My main fret is not losing the buy-in (though that hurts of course), but of going out early and being the shuffler or beer-caddy for the rest of the evening – I think it's bad manners to leave a poker evening when you go out.

As far as sports are concerned, I have a sure fire winner for you: back 'Boro to lose for the duration of my season ticket!

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