Axel Brown

Axel Brown

Favourite Game: Roulette
Favourite Casino: Alea Casino, Leeds


I really do enjoy a good trip to a casino, but personally I see it more as a social event. I prefer for there to be a lively atmosphere and people I can talk to, more often than not I'll go with a friend or colleague. Some are surprised at the quality of food you can get at casinos, but I've made a habit of having a bite to eat and some drinks when I pay casinos a visit, it's a major part of the experience for me.

I'm partial to table games, such as roulette and blackjack due to the ability to talk to other players and more often than not, the croupier. Although they can be fun on occasion I tend to steer away from slots and solitary games, as more often than not they're secluded in the casino. When they're not though, I think slots especially can be enjoyable, with low bets and the fast pace of games!

I like the idea of being a pro gambler, but I struggle with poker, and roulette & blackjack are more chance based, so it doesn't look like that aspiration with come to fruition any time soon! Nevertheless, I think casinos are overlooked by people my age as a legitimate night out; people assuming you need to lose hundreds of pounds to have fun at a casino, when you can have solid evenings with a meal for around £40.

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