Poker Rules

Why are poker rules important? Why do poker rules help settle arguments? And why isn't there an official set of hold’em rules in the same way that there are official rules for other games? Read on and find out!

Setting up a regular game of poker in your home or at a local social club is something can be extremely rewarding. You get to spend time with your friends, practice your poker skills and enjoy the never-fading buzz of competing to win.

Alas, home games don't always go smoothly. In the heat of poker battle some players tend to get a little "confused" about the poker rules governing the game and if you aren't careful you may find yourself sitting in the middle of an equally heated argument about which hold’em rules need to be followed.

To bring such episodes to a fast and amicable end - and to prevent arguments arising in future games - you need a firm set of poker rules that all players can agree on and adhere to from the outset. If you have this then settling an argument is a simple case of referring to the book of poker rules and acting accordingly.

Definitive Poker Rules

Unfortunately, most card games (apart from ones like contract bridge) don't have any definitive, official set of rules. This means that poker rules can and do vary from place to place, and the normal procedure is for a serious game organiser to spend a lot of time and effort putting his own set of poker rules together.

To help you avoid that investment of time and effort, we've done all of the hard work for you. We've scoured the planet to locate all of the best and most comprehensive poker rules available and - in the tradition of card rooms all over the globe - we've written our very own book of hold’em rules. Even better, we've presented it in a user-friendly section-by-section format so that you can refer to and use it with ease.