WSOP Poker

WSOP Poker from Playdom gives Facebook poker players the chance to win a virtual World Series of Poker bracelet – one of the most coveted items in the world as far as professional poker players are concerned. Although the bracelet that you can try and win in this game is only virtual, the gameplay itself is genuinely exciting, and with the whole thing branded in the style of the official World Series of Poker, you really do get the feeling of being part of something big.

There are over 580,000 active monthly users playing WSOP Poker on Facebook, and that means you will be able to find a game 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whilst WSOP Poker is packed with the kind of features that you can find in plenty of other Facebook poker games – the ability to rise through experience levels as you play, for example – the thing that makes this game truly unique is the fact that everyone involved is chasing those bracelets. We will tell you how to do that shortly, but first let’s take a look at how to get started…

Playing WSOP Poker

As with most other Facebook poker apps, playing WSOP Poker for the first time is fairly straightforward. Start by visiting the WSOP Poker app page on the Facebook site and click the PLAY NOW banner. Facebook will then ask you if you want to allow the application to access your data, to which the correct response is yes – if you don’t allow this access you simply won’t be able to proceed.

Having allowed the application, you will be transported to the WSOP Poker lobby where a new account will have been created automatically and stocked with an initial bankroll (additional chips can be won at the tables or purchased for modest sums of real money if you prefer). You can then learn how to play the game or skip that step and proceed straight to the games themselves.

WSOP Poker offers cash games, sit and go tournaments and shootout tournaments. All of these are very entertaining in their own right (and all are superbly presented), but it is when you are playing for a virtual WSOP bracelet that things can get really exciting. So how do you do that, exactly? Well, the answer is that you need to collect ten bracelet ‘links’. These are obtained by winning shootout tournaments or winning your weekly poker league. When you have collected ten links in the manner described they are redeemed for one virtual WSOP bracelet, and you can win multiple bracelets just as professional players can in the real world.

Like other Facebook poker apps, WSOP Poker allows you to rise through the ranks by gaining experience points for your performance at the tables. What makes WSOP Poker special is the way in which such experience is charted. You don’t just earn points in this game, you build an entire WSOP Career, earning medals (and those all-important bracelets) as well as cash as you progress.

The Social Aspect

Your Facebook friends who already play WSOP Poker will automatically be shown in your Poker League at the foot of the screen, but you can invite other friends to join you at any time. Whilst playing poker against strangers is great fun, competing against people you know is even better, and if you win your Poker League in any given week you will add another bracelet link to your collection, which will really give you something to boast about when you play WSOP Poker!


Although WSOP Poker is perfectly fine for short-term fun, it really comes into its own as far as longevity is concerned. With a WSOP Career to build, virtual WSOP bracelets to win and the whole thing being presented in the inimitable WSOP style, WSOP Poker is one of the best Facebook poker apps out there.