Showoff Poker

Showoff Poker is a Facebook Poker App that allows players to indulge in their desire to show off about their achievements in a humorous and enjoyable way. At the time that we played the game for this review there were over 261,000 regular monthly users, and Showoff Poker had an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Playing Showoff Poker

Showoff Poker is very easy to get started with. Simply visit the app page and then click the Go to App button. Facebook will ask if you want to give Showoff Poker permission to access your profile information, and of course the answer is yes or you won’t be able to proceed. The Showoff Poker app will then launch and you will be asked if you want your avatar to be male or female. Having made that decision, you are immediately taken to an area where you can give your avatar – portrayed in 3D cartoon style – hair, a face, clothes, accessories and more.

The avatar is a key part of Showoff Poker, because you can spend some of your virtual poker wealth on an ever-widening variety of clothes and accessories. Think of all this as ‘virtual bling’ to impress your Facebook poker friends who also play the game and we think you’ll get the point.

The poker game itself is as solid as you could want it to be, and it plays like many of the other Facebook poker apps that we have reviewed in previous weeks. The big difference here is that the stakes are much higher – you begin with an initial bankroll worth millions of virtual dollars, and as you get more experienced (and win games) you can potentially grow your stack to a billion dollars or even more.

There are 500 experience levels to rise through and 77 achievements to unlock as you play Showoff Poker, which means you won’t get bored anytime soon. Our one criticism of the game is that when you are seated at a poker table it is your Facebook profile picture that is used to mark your place rather than the avatar that you have dressed and accessorised. This is a minor point, and you can enter your avatar into a number of contests that take place from time to time at the Showoff Poker Facebook page, but it would have been nice to have played as the avatar at the actual tables.

The Social Aspect

Showoff Poker includes all of the social features that Facebook poker players have come to know and love, such as the ability to invite friends to play, set up Private Tables, rank friends in order of achievement, and so on.


Showoff Poker delivers a satisfying and well-rounded poker experience which has enough unique elements to set it apart from most other Facebook poker applications. If you like the idea of showing off to your friends then Showoff Poker is definitely the game to play.