Perfect Poker

Perfect Poker is a larger-than-life Facebook poker app from SocialPlay Limited. Why larger than life? Because you get to play with a huge number of chips that few people would ever be able to afford in a real-money poker game. New players are allocated an initial stack, the same as they are in other games, but here that stack can be massive - we got involved and immediately won an instant lottery giving us a starting balance of $10,000,000. Yes, that’s $10 million. You can win even more bonus chips in hourly lotteries, and if you’d like to buy yourself still more then you can do so - 400,000,000 chips will cost you around $6, though there are sales from time to time that make it possible to put yourself in control of $1 billion for around $10.

We like this approach quite a bit. After all, if you’re going to play poker for fun only you might as well do it in style, and Perfect Poker has plenty of that. There are over 609,600 monthly active users at the time of writing this review, so you will never have any trouble finding people to play with no matter what time of day or night you fancy a game.

Playing Perfect Poker

To start playing Perfect Poker, all you have to do is visit the App page and press the PLAY NOW button. The app will then ask you to allow it to access your information, and you will be given the opportunity to receive notifications at your registered email address. All of this is standard procedure as far as Facebook poker apps are concerned, so you can allow the requests and when you have done so you will find yourself in the Perfect Poker lobby.

Perfect Poker has a huge range of games that you can play, including regular cash games, Single Table Tournaments, Multi-Table Tournaments, VIP tables and Private tables. Stakes range from $100/$200 to $5M/$10M at the cash tables, and buy-ins for tournaments range from $50K to $100M. If you are unsure about what regular game is best suited to your chip stack and experience level, simply press the PLAY button and a table will be selected for you automatically.

The Perfect Poker game continues to impress in terms of presentation. All of the action takes place at rectangular tables, cards are clear, sound effects are put to very good use and the action buttons are all self-explanatory. If you have played online poker before then you will feel at home straight away, and even if you haven’t it won’t take you more than a few minutes to pick things up. How long it will take to become a consistent winner is a different matter, but that’s the challenge that makes poker so appealing in the first place.

Like other Facebook poker apps, Perfect Poker gives you points for your activities at the tables, and the more points you have, the higher your experience level will be. There are 500 experience levels in all, as well as plenty of awards that you can pick up for various achievements, so you will always have something to aim for over and above just having fun at the tables.

The Social Aspect

As well as being able to invite your friends to play Perfect Poker via the regular lobby, you can also create a room just for you and your friends to play in, which is a great feature. A Perfect Poker Leaderboard at the foot of the screen shows you exactly where you stand compared with your friends and you can also see who the richest players in the world happen to be. Add in the ability to share chip gifts with friends (and receive the same) and the social aspect of Perfect Poker is as rich and involving as you could ever want it to be.


Perfect Poker is a very satisfying, feature-rich Facebook poker app which ticks all the right boxes and does so with style. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to sit at a table with $1 million or more and play the kind of high-stakes game that is usually reserved for the elite, Perfect Poker will give you the chance to find out!