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BetFair Casino Bonus Options

BetFair Casino Bonus OptionsNew players at the BetFair Casino can now choose from three different bonus options according to the type of gaming that they are most interested in. We will outline each of those options in a moment, but whichever one a new player chooses, he or she will also receive ten free spins at the Live Roulette wheel as well as an opportunity to pick up a Red Card Bonus when playing Live Blackjack. If all of that sounds worthy of investigation then read on...

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US Open Promotion at InterCasino

US Open Promotion at InterCasinoInterCasino has just launched a brand new promotion that gives its players the chance to watch a 2014 US Open quarter finals match from the luxurious comfort of a VIP suite in New York. The US Open is one of the biggest Grand Slam tournaments on the calendar, so the opportunity to watch the action in style is one that no self-respecting fan of the game will want to miss.

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Saturday Slots Tournament at Bet365 Casino

Saturday Slots Tournament at Bet365 CasinoOnline slots players who are looking for an enjoyable way to spend some time this weekend might want to consider heading over to Bet365 Casino. That's where a £5,000 Reel Race slots tournament is scheduled to get underway at 00:00 GMT on Saturday 19 July. The tournament runs until 23:59 GMT on the same day, so participants will have a full 24 hours to give it their best shot. 

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Brazilian Woman Wins Office Sweepstake after Sleepwalking Husband Predicts 7-1 Score Line

A woman in Brazil netted an unlikely victory in her office sweepstake after her sleep walking husband successfully predicted that Germany would beat the hosts 7-1. Anna Guerra, aged 44, collected winnings of around 200 Brazilian Real from her colleagues, the equivalent of £52. With pre-match odds of around 500/1, she will be wishing she had gone to the bookies, where her 10 Real bet would have landed her over £5,000. Mrs Guerra told Brazilian news outlet Lance that she had confronted her husband as he was sleepwalking to ask for a prediction. ‘He said Germany,’ said Mrs. Guerra. ‘I asked him what the score would be and he said “7-1”.’

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