Online Casino Scams

Online Casino ScamsAll businesses which offer popular products or services tend to get infiltrated by a criminal element at some point. Music piracy, video piracy and the production of counterfeit goods are just a few headline-grabbing examples of activities that this criminal element gets up to, and running online casino scams is another one that can be added to the list. Fortunately, online casino scams can usually be avoided, and in this article we will tell you how.

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Before we do that we should first say that online casino scams take many different forms. Some involve offering games that you cannot win, opponents that are playing for the house or simply a cashier system that will take your money but won’t let you withdraw your cash from your account when you put in a request to do so. All such scams, and others like them, render the online casino in question illegal, but of course you won’t usually discover that until it is too late. Here then are our top five tips on avoiding online casino scams in first place…

Beware Unsolicited Invites
Email is used by both legitimate casinos and fraudulent ones, so our first piece of advice is to ignore unsolicited invitations which appear out of nowhere. If you have previously visited a reputable casino and you receive an email from that venue then of course you can trust it as much as any other, but if you get an email from a venue that you have never visited before, don’t simply follow a link to the site and accept it as being an honest establishment. Either ignore it completely or do your homework to check if the online casino in question is legitimate.

Do Your Homework
What do we mean when we advise you to ‘do your homework’? Quite simply we mean carry out a little research about the venue you are thinking of visiting. First, check to see if the casino is listed in our directory here at and if it is make sure that the link you have been sent takes you to the same venue and not a counterfeit site. If a casino is not listed in our directory (which is made up of the best and most reliable legal casinos) then tread very carefully and – if possible – confirm with the relevant regulatory body that the venue has a valid gambling licence.

Tread Carefully
Even if you check out a casino and have assured yourself that it is legitimate, you should still tread carefully. Make a modest deposit, play some of the games and then make a withdrawal as soon as you can. If the withdrawal proceeds as expected then your confidence will obviously increase, but if there are any problems you will have encountered them at a relatively low-risk stage rather than several weeks or months down the line.

Keep Your Details Secure
Never give your username, password or other sensitive information to a third party unless you are completely sure that you are dealing with a legitimate casino. A legal casino will never ask you for such details by email or by cold-calling you on the telephone, so don’t provide information that is requested in that way. If in any doubt, contact the casino directly yourself via the usual official channels to discuss any matter that you may be concerned about.

Be Sensible
Our final piece of advice is to be sensible about the amount of money that you leave in any given online casino account. Although it is very rare as far as the most famous establishments are concerned, online casinos can go bust just like any other business, and if you have several thousand pounds in your account then such an event could cost you dearly. As a precaution, only keep as much money in your account as you really need for the short term – your online casino account should never be used as any kind of savings account.

To conclude, we will say that online casino scams shouldn’t be feared more than any other form of fraud, but it does make sense to err on the side of caution. Keep the above tips in mind whenever you play online and stay safe!

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