Casino Tips

Casino Tips can help you in a number of ways. The casino tips and strategies you’ll find here will help you to choose the right casinos to play in, identify the best games to play, the best bets to make and much more. We also provide a plethora of gambling tips for all of the most popular casino games, including roulette, craps, slots, blackjack, video poker and baccarat. New casino strategies and gambling tips are being added all the time, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back often.

Qilin Casino Game

QilinQilin (pronounced ‘key-lin’) is a brand new casino game that is named after a chimeral creature from Chinese mythology. It has been developed by Internet Casino Systems Europe, and is being tested at two Grosvenor Casinos in the UK. If the trials are successful then Qilin could of course be available at other venues throughout the country, so for the benefit of players who like to plan ahead, read on and we’ll tell you all about it.

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Online Casino Scams

Online Casino ScamsAll businesses which offer popular products or services tend to get infiltrated by a criminal element at some point. Music piracy, video piracy and the production of counterfeit goods are just a few headline-grabbing examples of activities that this criminal element gets up to, and running online casino scams is another one that can be added to the list. Fortunately, online casino scams can usually be avoided, and in this article we will tell you how.

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Casino Psychology

Casino PsychologyCasinos are famous for using their formidable understanding of human psychology to help them make more money, but by being aware of the ‘tricks’ of casino psychology players themselves can identify their own ways of doing the same – or at the very least, of reducing their losses to a minimum. In this article we identify four of the main casino psychology tricks employed by casinos and suggest ways in which online casino players can adjust their approach accordingly…

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3D Casino

3D Casino3D Casino environments have been the dream of online casino players for years, but only now is the goal of providing an authentic online casino experience in three dimensions within reach. is at the forefront of the next wave of 3D casino innovation, and the company that owns 888 has already introduced several elements of 3D play into its various online offerings. However, the best is yet to come...

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