Mecca Bingo

mecca bingoReligious connotations aside, the name Mecca is synonymous with the game of bingo, and at Mecca Bingo they have brought their popular take on the game to the UK online community. The site, as you might expect, is designed with the familiar Mecca Bingo logo and colour scheme, with plenty of blue and pink to please the eye. The home page is well laid out and easy to navigate, although it’s a little on the predictable side and doesn’t have as much personality as we’d like to have seen.

Opening an account is a simple affair, requiring the usual input of your name, address and credit or debit card details. The minimum deposit here is £10, and with a strip of six tickets costing £1.50, this is enough for six nail-biting games.

Mecca Bingo have done their best to give their site a bit of auditory ambience by embedding a loop of “communal muttering” noise into the background. Whilst this brings a smile to the face at the beginning of a game, it can get extremely annoying after a while.

Unfortunately, the mute option on the page doesn’t just silence the muttering, but also the Mecca bingo caller, so your choice is to play with the background cacophony playing as you listen to the caller or playing in total silence. A more user-friendly middle way would have been preferable.

The game itself is fairly good, with a countdown to the first number of each game being called and the option of manual or automatic “dabbing” of the boards. Dabbing in Mecca Bingo is animated, and there are a handful of mini games (slot machines) that you can play at the same time as the main bingo game. However, the overall environment is not the most exciting (the actual Mecca bingo boards are only given one third of the available screen space) and playing multiple strips can become a bit of a chore, if not downright confusing at times.

There is a chat facility which helps to alleviate the somewhat repetitive grind of the game, and for many players this will be the most popular feature of the whole Mecca Bingo experience. Conversation is friendly and light-hearted with the occasional sprinkling of lucky dust thrown in for good measure.

Regular promotions (such as cash back, happy hours and random bonus events) take place throughout the month, and if you become a regular at these site and make a few friends then Mecca Bingo could well become a favourite. There are also other games apart from bingo that you can play here, including slot machines and casino games such as roulette. Overall, Mecca Bingo is well worth a visit or two.

Mecca Bingo Support

Customer service is available 24 hours a day by e-mailing or by calling the following numbers:

UK: 0800 0831988
Other: +44 8000831988

The Fine Print

Mecca bingo is part of the Rank Group of leisure and entertainment organisations, and the site itself is powered by online betting giant Blue Square. This provides a lot of peace of mind for players, who can rest assured that personal information and transactions are as secure as can be.