Why Play Bingo on the Internet?

  • So you can be in your PJs, feeding the baby, or cooking supper, or all three and at any time of the day or night and still enjoy a game or two of Bingo.

  • Some people would say that it is safer to play Bingo in your home, rather than leaving a Bingo hall on a dark wet night to walk home alone, or getting a lift off an unregistered taxi-driver.

  • Unless you are a smoker, you won’t leave Bingo stinking of ashtrays like from a normal hall where smoking is allowed, and the drinks at home are probably cheaper as well.

  • It is hard to stop playing in a Bingo Hall if all your friends are still playing and egging you on. Playing Bingo online should can you can walk away from peer pressure, and keep your money safe.

  • If you win your account will be credited even if you have gone out or gone to bed. Normally in a Bingo hall you have to be present, and shout “Bingo” very loudly to be a winner.

  • When you join a game you will not be alone, there will be lots of other people also registered at that site who are playing, and most offer a chat room facility for you to ‘meet’ your fellow players. You may find you chat a lot more at an online Bingo site than in a traditional hall where it’s not always so easy to talk to strangers.