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Not all casinos are equal, and here at we provide objective and unbiased reviews so that you can see which companies give you the best experience for your money. Our reviews cover all of the options available to players in the UK, so whether you are most interested in playing at real, online or mobile casinos, we have all the information you need to minimise wasted time and make sound choices from the outset.

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Casino News

New Record Jackpot for New Jersey

New Record Jackpot for New JerseyNew Jersey recently saw one of its residents set a brand new record for the biggest online jackpot win in the history of the state. The new record was established in February by a man playing Let It Ride, a poker variant that is popular at online casinos due to the fact that it has a simplified format that pits the player against the casino rather than other players. The man, who has not been named, landed a total prize of $1.52 million by hitting a Royal Flush of diamonds.

Casino Revenue in Macau Cut by Half in February

Gaming revenue in Macau, dubbed “the casino gambling capital of the world”, fell 48.6 percent in February, a period which included the traditionally profitable Chinese New Year celebrations. A crackdown by the Chinese government on corruption has made high-stake players wary of travelling to the only city in the country to allow casinos, leading to the dip in profits.

NetEnt Releases Brand New Steam Tower Slot

Scandinavian online casino games and systems operator Net Entertainment released its much-anticipated new slot game Steam Tower this week. The five-reel, fifteen-payline game is set in the world of steampunk, a subculture based around a science fiction take on the fashion and industry of the Victorian age.

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