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Casino News

Casino Loser Convicted of Killing Stranger

Casino Loser Convicted of Killing StrangerA Royal Navy worker who lost money at the Riverboat Casino in Glasgow has been convicted of killing a stranger with a single punch. Kallum Delaney, who is 20, had been playing roulette at the casino in September 2014 with his friend, Oliver James, and the session ended with Delaney nursing a loss of £1,000. He left the venue in a rage and took his anger out on stranger Robin Thomson. A single punch led to Mr Thomson hitting his head as he fell, and he died two days later in hospital.

Slot Payouts Highlighted in New US Report

A report investigating the payout percentage of slot machines at US casinos has been published to encourage discussion as to how the industry can begin to flourish. The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers has found that the percentage of slot wagers paid back to gamblers as winnings has slowly come down over the past ten years.

Microgaming Launches Bridesmaids Online Slot

Microgaming Launches Bridesmaids Online SlotBridesmaids is a 2011 comedy movie that broke box office records, won numerous industry awards and has since developed something of a cult following. The only thing left for a movie to do after all of that is make the transition to the screens of online casino players worldwide, and Microgaming has made that happen by launching a Bridesmaids online slot. Those of you who have seen and enjoyed the movie will love how this new game captures many of the big screen aspects, whilst those of you who haven’t yet seen the film may well decide to do so after taking the slots title for a spin.

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